Yesterday was a super-dual day.
So this week and the next are turning out to be the busiest juncture of my semester before exam and final papers. Tired, and I have not been sleeping normally the last 2 weeks or so. I have no idea. I just haven’t… Well, ok, a lot on my mind and stuff, but when do I not?

Anyhow, so I went to The Starving Artist for a “jam” chamber music reading session. I was really happy that I came out. I still am happy. I got to reconnect with ppl, got to know a little bit better people I had seen before but were not really close to, and made some music that was of course super messy and sometimes insufferably crappy but.. was enough to share in a moment of good friendship.

This decision to go out was a difficult one, because I have so much to do now. And it was late, and I had been very tired.. I am actually getting sick right now — have been for the last few days. Hello, Sore throat!! It is important for me to keep this up, so I went. I think my mantra this year should just be.. just do it.

It was too bad that I came home around 5AM, after an “after-party” at my friend Edwin’s with a couple of other friends. I hardly got any sleep because I dozed off for maybe half an hour there, and then I came home around 5AM and didn’t sleep until about 8AM.

(So, yes, you can think to yourself the below euphoric post is a product of mad, sleep-deprived euphoria / mad rush / weird adrenaline-filled second wind.)

I slept for about half an hour, got up like there was no tomorrow, and then went to work by 9AM, came home at 11:30 (OMG great NEWS!!! a refugee claimant woman, W, got a positive decision from the Immigration and Refugee Board today.. I was able to call her and tell her this news myself, and the utter silence upon the delivery of this news was… just amazing. She is a lovely woman with amazing emotional forces and I am happy because I worked with her before her hearing, and went to her hearing and together we got the sub-standard interpreter replaced. 🙂 I also met her son that day, too, and really hoped that they would be able to live here happily. So glad for her. ❤ her… best moment of 2010 so far), went straight to school after eating a small bit of bread and red bull and water, at 12:00, and then came home half an hour ago and put rice in the rice cooker, and wrote a post about this amazing lecture I had today. Yeah. That's been the day.

It was nice, really nice, connecting with my musician friends, experiencing their energies, their pure love, their love of fun, beauty, friendship, and booze!!!! : ) YEAHHHH. There were some awesome Brahms, Schubert, Mozart, and Beethoven moments. : ) The Starving Artist… it's a nice little bar, the raspberry wheat beer was actually REALLY awesome, and… yeah! It was great. Perhaps I would have written more about this "duality" thing that's been going on in my life, confusing the hell out of me, but this was a good night, and perhaps I have less to write about when something was just happy. Well, no, that is so untrue. [See below.] There was actually a lot — quite a bit. It was all good, though. Some of it is internally processed. Well, everything I write here is actually internally processed. LOL. I think I will let this sit. It was not a mind-blowing experience, not of that kind of magnitude. It was still however important that I went out. I love my life.