This piece always makes me weep. Not in any sentimental way, necessarily but maybe in a way philosophy that has personal meaning / effect to / on you would, like some piece of truth that strips you down or brings you an initially unpleasant but reconciling resolution, and then ultimately peace. It is a resignation, one that we yearn and give into at the end of our lives.

the cosmic & the individual. the eternal and the present.

planets turning, the individual in the middle, mired in fear, watching on in wonder and terror, and upon acceptance, apotheosis and dissolution, melding in to be at One… and it weeps as it disappears into the eternal nothingness — in cries of joy, tears of happiness.

Music like this really accords with my personal ideal of what music & performance should be. I do not deny the didactic nature of such an attitude — seeking some kind of moral and uplifting core in music. Nonetheless — is there anything “truer” than music like this? For me, the answer is no. Not because I find other music to be “less”, particularly the types of music that are warm and fun, but because this is about the stark bare fibre of existence: death. The music was written in such a way, under such circumstances, and at the end of the day, spiritual inclinations aside, that is what it comes down to. What could I say but words of gratitude for the peace to which it delivers us.