I am a human being.  I have an obsessive visual and aural memory and I like my writing when it is seized in that obsessive recounting of memories.  I am all about the ‘I’.  My world is pretty small and I do some serious navel-gazing.  You could call me a narcissist.

Type A adjusting, figuring out.  A new life for me.  It’s hard.

I play music and appreciate it more than anything.  I have amassed a mountain of debt to go to law school.  Now it is done.  Bar exam in a few days.. what will I do?

Structure is very important to me, even though I fail to build (a good) one myself.

I almost never read any more, other than the online junk foods. Thus my writing has very little substance. But I write here. And you read here. Or it is good-bye here. Well, I suppose you may come back. I am probably going to stay here.